It all started with an idea of two friends in 2017, who are believing that fashion is a powerful art and that clothes can set a statement.
Here's where our name comes from; Puissance, a French word, standing for strength and power.

Taking inspiration from vintage elements and modern streetwear, Puissance mixes both.
Historious and vintage elements have a classic and timeless feeling while modern day streetwear is more unique and colorful. Combining the two creates a look that is both unique and timeless. In our complete collection you can find vintage details, from the roaring twenties with massive champagne parties, to the fifties with the upcoming of prevailing modern art; such as popart.

Our collection is made to bring the most luxurious memories of the 20th century back to life  

Here at Puissance we strive to create exclusive and unique designs. Using carefully selected quality and materials only, to give the customer a premium feeling.

A high-end fashion label. Powerful, modern and with a little vintage taste.
That’s Puissance.